Caring For Hermit Crabs

You have guessed! A dwarf hamster and a guinea pig enjoy to live in a fancy home but the hermit crab is quite happy to live in humble abode. Having said that you do need to create a tank that will have appeal.

Setting up a cage to make a home for the Hermit Crab

In essence you are trying make to a comfortable and healthy home for your pet.

Naturally hermit crabs enjoy warm surroundings and the tank should have a tropical feel to it. The tank needs to feel very warm and cozy.

Hermit crabs are happy to live in plastic or glass tanks, it depends what you already have. These are crafty crustaceans and they have a knack for escaping. if you don’t want to spend hours looking for your missing crab then put a lid on the tank.

Tanks that are marketed as `Hermit Crab tanks` are not all they are cracked up to be. In general these tanks are small and your crab will be far happier in a roomy home.

A ten gallon tank is perfect for the job.If you have the funds to afford an even larger tank then so much the better. Hettie the hermit crab has to enjoy life so she will want some accessories, a water bowl and a food bowl are just the basics.

Floor covering for the cage

The material that is used on the bottom of the cage acts as the carpeting. Sand is a good first choice because wild crabs live on sandy shores. Crabs love burrowing in the sand and burrowing is one of their main hobbies. Crabs have a natural instinct to burrow.

You can use ordinary playground sand which can be bought from any home improvement or hardware store. If you like you can rinse and dry the sand and then bake it in the oven at a temperature of 300 degrees F to sterilize it. If at any time you feel that the sand needs to be re-cleansed then wash it again.

Reptiles do like other types of bedding and they particularly enjoy laying on a coconut fiber based bedding. The coconut fiber is ground finely and it feels and looks like soil. Yet another good material for crabs to burrow in. Some crab owners like to use crushed coral for the bedding. There are two materials that should never be used for the cage flooring, both gravel and wood shavings are not acceptable.

How warm does my crab need to be?

Hettie the hermit crab will live happily ever after if you keep her tank temperature about 72-80 degrees. But keep an eye on the temperature, a sudden fall in temperature can affect crabs and make them poorly. Chilly crabs tend to get stressed and weak, hence they are more likely to become ill.

If you live in a hot part of the world then all will be well , if you don’t then you will have to purchase a tank heater. Hettie the hermit crab will remain healthy and happy in a warm tank that is lit up.

How humid should my tank be?

It is important to consider the amount of humidity in the tank. For the bigger part crabs are land animals but they do breathe through their gills. If the humidity levels are right this enables the crab to get sufficient oxygen. If by any chance the air is far too dry the crab will stifle.

Humidity levels between 70 and 80 percent will allow your crab to breathe correctly and there are various ways of increasing low humidity levels. even filling the water dish can up the humidity level. Placing a piece of sea sponge into the cage is another way of raising humidity levels.

a piece of natural sea sponge can hold a lot of water and the sponge encourages natural evaporation. this will boost humidity levels.

After all this Hettie the Hermit crab should be living in paradise, she should stay healthy, happy and content for many years to come.

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