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My name is Kristin Hopkins and I've been a lifelong hermit crab enthusiast, reseacher and author. So, I decided to put together this complete free information website as a resource for others who wish to explore the hobby of keeping Hermit Crabs and get the most out of caring for these beautiful crabs.

As a hermit crab enthusiast, it's my goal to make certain that your family's hermit crab pets are cared for properly and live long exciting lives , which is why I created Hermit Crab Care 101, a collection of the best info in the world on hermit crab care, setting up your terrarium, and safe handling of your hermit crabs. 

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  crab environment in your terrarium- this is critical in
  keeping your hermits crabs happy and healthy!
How to achieve a healthy well balanced hermit crab
  diet with 12 top foods found in your supermarket or
  in the house.
Tips for addressing the issues of mites, a common
  parasite found on hermit crabs.
Understanding why your hermit crab molts and how to
  keep him as happy and healthy as possible during this
  natural process.
Seven critical steps to take if your hermit crab is
  streaking (becomes unhealthy and "shell-less") to
  bring him back to health!
Why calcium is so important for your hermit crab's diet
and 14 foods to maintain mineral balance in your
  hermit crabs.
Why improper cage temperatures can be dangerous to
your hermit crabs and alternatives to setting up
perfectly regulated and adventurous terrariums to
keep your hermit crabs lively and happy.
Much, much more!

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